May 11 Luncheon - Dr. Nick Hayman, Oklahoma Geologic Survey

  • May 11, 2023
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Baxter's InterUrban Grill and online option


  • In-person attendance at Baxter's available for TGS members at GST member price.

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May 11th -  Baxter's Interurban Grill (in-person gathering and online option).   

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               Presentation by Dr. Nick Hayman, Oklahoma Geologic Survey

Title:    Oklahoma Geological Survey and the Energy Transition

Abstract:   The Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) houses much of the state’s geologic core and data, operates a public seismic network, and strives to keep the public and scientific communities informed of the latest science about energy and the environment. The OGS currently is navigating the dual mission of supporting the oil-and-gas industry of Oklahoma, while also preparing Oklahoma for the energy transition toward net-zero carbon-dioxide emissions. The two sides of this “energy mission” interact in surprising ways. For example, geological carbon sequestration both relies on our understanding of reservoirs traditionally targeted for disposal of fluids produced by oil-and-gas production. Moreover, carbon sequestration will likely be paired primarily with large natural-gas power plants to offset emissions. Energy production itself is already from a blend of wind, solar, and hydrocarbon use, as well as hydrogen as a cleaner-burning fuel that can potentially be produced with lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas alone. Lastly, the raw materials for much of this energy transition – including a stronger dependence on battery storage – is leading to a reassessment of the domestic mineral resources, which stem both from hard-rock mineral deposits and waste-streams from hydrocarbon fuels. The geological approach to this energy transition is well-defined, but requires elimination of zero-sum thinking and increase in local enthusiasm to succeed.

Bio:    Dr. Nicholas W. Hayman became the Director of OGS in July 2020. He has a background in science management courtesy of his time at the National Science Foundation as a Program Director for the Marine Geology and Geophysics Program of the Ocean Sciences Division (2018-2020). During that time, and since 2007, Dr. Hayman was a Research Associate (and then Research Scientist) at the University of Texas, Austin, Institute for Geophysics 2007-2020. There he participated and led many research projects, and supervised numerous students and postdocs, with support from the National Science Foundation, US Department of Energy, and energy industry sponsors. Prior to UT, Dr. Hayman was a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Duke University, Earth and Ocean Sciences 2003-2007. His primary research focus has been the many ways that deformation impacts the crust and upper mantle of the earth, from scales as small as nano-pores, to as large as active plate boundaries.

His focus with the OGS is currently to harness the abundant subsurface data in Oklahoma, as well as the eager drive of the people of Oklahoma, to work towards major innovations in society’s access to energy in a resilient and sustainable natural environment.

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