December 9 Technical Luncheon - "How AI derived sonic logs can improve the PSDM model building", Marianne Rauch (TGS)

  • December 09, 2021
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Baxter's InterUrban


  • Students sponsored by Dennis Langlois (TGS)

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GST Technical Luncheon - Our speaker will be Dr. Marianne Rauch (TGS - Principal Technical Advisor).  Meeting will be in-person at Baxter's InterUrban. 

How AI derived sonic logs can improve the PSDM model building

Marianne Rauch*, Mike Perz, TGS


Machine learning applications have started to infiltrate the geosciences especially in the fields of log estimations, interpretation of salt bodies and fault definitions, seismic processing such as automated first break picking and velocity analysis and pre-stack inversions for rock property estimations. Our industry is known for big datasets that are very suitable for this task.

We are showing an onshore example of how we utilize sonic logs that have been estimated through a gradient boosted trees machine learning process in our PSDM velocity modeling building and how we are benefitting from these additional data points.

Dr. Marianne Rauch – Principal Technical Advisor

PhD in Physics, 1985, Karl Franzens Universitaet, Graz, Austria

Marianne received her PhD in Physics in 1985 from Uni Graz in Austria. She started her oil career as research assistant at Curtin University in Perth, Australia more than30 years ago and has been active in geophysics ever since then. Marianne lived in many places and worked on-shore and off-shore basins all over the world. Her main specialties are DHI, seismic processing, depth migration, potential fields and researching new technologies, methodologies. She likes to do applied research, mentor and teach and is a seasoned presenter at conventions and workshop. She has published a good number of articles on several subjects and still is passionate about geoscience and the thrill to get more and unique information out of geophysical measurements that help drilling more successful wells. Currently, she is the Principal Technical Advisor, TGS, Houston.

Work Experience

2019 – present                  Principal Technical Advisor, TGS

2014 – 2019                      Senior Technical Advisor, Devon Energy

2012 – 2014                      VP of Applied Technologies, Geomage

2008 – 2012                      Chief Geophysical Advisor, Terralliance/NEOS

2006 – 2008                      VP of Geoscience, Vermilion Bay Exploration

2004 – 2006                      President of SeisCat

2003 – 2004                      VP of Reservoir Services, Fusion Petroleum Technologies, Research OU

1997 – 2003                      Various senior positions at CGG

1995 – 1997                      Director, DHI Consultants

1991 – 1995                      Manager Interpretive Processing, Simon Petroleum Technologies

1989 – 1991                      Research Assistant, Curtin University

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